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Ajishima Foods
Since 1925
In our company, we produce a variety of products from snacks to freeze drying. Below is a guideline of what we do:
Scope of Business: Dried food, seasoning, FD products, snacks, sweets, cakes frozen foods, canned foods, bags retorted pouch and other manufacturing, trading and agency.
Dried Foods: Rice seasoning (Furikake), ochatsuke, instant soups, dried vegetables & fruits, and dried noodles.
Seasoning: Fish stock mushroom stock, Japanese noodle seasoning, tempura sauce, seasoned seaweed paste and seasoned kelp.
FD Products: Ingredients for instant noodles, ingredients for instant soup, FD vegetables, FD fruits, FD salmon, FD meat, FD fish cake and FD rice.
Snacks: Grain puff, chocolate biscuits, bagels, roasted nuts, salmon fry, beef jerky and instant desserts.
Sweets: Candy, yoghurt tablet and chocolate.
Pastry: Cakes, biscuits, bread and pudding…
Frozen Food: Dumplings, buns, dim sim, vegetable, fruit, fried rice, soup and noodle…

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