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In the new bimillennium, Ajishima Foods still adheres to the philosophy of health and care, and makes contributions to society, in the business, products or community efforts.
In the new e-age, Ajishima Foods targets the goal of “innovative and healthy products”. With the slogan “Ajishima cares for your health”, we communicate our commitment throughout society.
We commit to bring health and happiness to our consumers. When the consumers become more demanding on nutrients, freshness, health and safety, the key to future success is the competition toward the best quality. We must transform our competition of quantity into that of quality, while extending our internal culture to the outside.
In the past, Ajishima Foods has experienced a lot of rough periods and difficulties, but there is now more applause and encouragement, which support and remind us, driving us to seek further achievements. In addition, we will continue to follow our commitment and contribute to the health of society!

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